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Maps 2 Markets is a Windows(tm) Application that helps you search for the leads on popular mapping websites, qualify them and export them to Excel (CSV format) and popular CRM platforms like Salesforce, Sugar, and ACT!

Maps 2 Markets takes a large area search and breaks it down into smaller and smaller searches, effectively creating a dragnet that doesn't leave your money laying on the table. Maps 2 Markets works and works until Google simply quits coughing up leads.

- Finds targeted leads over large areas or small areas with the custom drag-and-resize rectangle tool, leaving none between the cracks.
- Multi-select cities from a list of known rectangles and run automated searches for targeted searches across entire regions in minutes. Find all those small town local leads.
- Qualifies leads with known websites and domains by looking at their websites for more information.
- Reports Name, Phone Number, Address, City, State, Zip for almost all leads and Email addresses when found.
- Exports to CSV for use in Excel and CRM platforms like Salesforce, Sugar and ACT! (direct export to CRM platforms in testing now).
- Has everything, even the techy stuff like proxy support and custom regular expressions to help automate your lead qualifcation.
- Lots of great features coming in future upgrades. Full release to the public is scheduled for 09/01/2013.

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